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VOLUNTEERING OFFER : (It's) Time to Shine in Normandy ! (France)


The CRIJ Normandie (Centre Régional Information Jeunesse Normandieis looking for 2 ESC volunteers from European Union Members States between 18 and 30 years oldstarting in September 2020.


Mission topics : Citizenship and democratic participation, European identity and valuesYouthwork

Locations :  

CRIJ Normandie, 16 rue Neuve Saint-Jean, 14000 Caen, France (volunteer)

- CRIJ Normandie, 84 rue Beauvoisine, 76000 RouenFrance (1 volunteer)

Starting date : 19/09/2020

Duration : 9 months





What our organisation does? 

The CRIJ Normandie (Centre Régional Information Jeunesse) is an NGO known as a regional youth information center located in the cities of Rouen and Caen. Our aim is to welcome and inform young people on different topics such as: studies and trainings, accomodation, employment, summer and student jobs, volunteering programmes, civil and social rights, youth international mobility, European citizenship... We cooperate with different organisations in the local community: secondary schools, universities, municipalities, youth centres... 


Each year, our team welcome several volunteers in the cities of Rouen and Caen.  Learn more about our activities by checking our website and social media:  www.crijnormandie.fr / @CRIJNormandie (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram) 


What is the project about? 

The project aims to promote our activities related to European citizenship and youth international mobility in the cities of Caen and Rouen. Our organisation provides information on these topics by leading activities such as: workshops, events, fairs, video reporting, podcasts... To do so, the CRIJ Normandie holds two quality labels: Europe Direct and Eurodesk. The volunteers will help our team to spread the information through our social media, to bring their own ideas and to organise local events. 


What are the main tasks? 

 The volunteers will : 


  • * Raise the awareness of local young people towards Europe citizenship and youth international mobility (preparing and performing workshops in schools, participating in student fairs, contributing to various events, recording podcasts on local radios...).  
  • * Encourage intercultural dialogue with the public by developing pedagogical tools and methods in order to talk about European citizenship. 


  • * Contribute to create several events in May 2021 in the frame of the European Day celebration (called “Joli Mois de l’Europe”) 


  • * Participate in actions such as afterworks, information workshops and regularly decorate our area dedicated to Europe and youth international mobility in order to keep it nice and attractive 


  • * Help the CRIJ Normandie team to realise its actions throughout the year. 


The volunteers will have lots of space to implement their own activities in order to introduce their culture and language to the public. 


The volunteers will work under the supervision of a youthworker and they will work together with the CRIJ Normandie team, in order to discover different youth information topics: employment, studies and trainings, civil and social rights, etc. 


Accomodation :

The volunteers will live in the city area and have their own accomodation. The flat will be furnished and has access to a wi-fi connection. There is also a public transport available. 


The volunteers will also get: 

  • - a french bank account 
  • - a phone subscription  
  • - french language lessons (together with the OLS platform - Online Language Support) 


The project covers all costs related to: 

  • Travels 
  • Accomodation 
  • Food and pocket money (monthly allowance) 
  • Public transport 
  • Health insurance (provided by Cigna insurance) 


Volunteers profile wanted (EU Members States) :

The volunteers need to have social skills, not being afraid to talk in public, show interest in environmental issues, being familiar with digital tools and social media. If they have a passion, they are strongly invited to integrate their interests inside the project. 


How to apply? 

 Send your CV and cover letter in english to europe@crijnormandie.fr before the 23rd August 2020 included or answer this form :